Health Care Services

Spot On Cleaners consists of two separate facilities – one of which is specializing in the hospital and health care industry at large.

In order to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation, we process all Health Care / Hospital linen and textiles strictly in accordance with the SANS 10146:2013 procedural guidelines and in accordance with the National Health Service (UK) guidelines in respect of the handling of soiled and infected linen.

For the same reason, we only use SABS mark bearing detergents to ensure the correct levels of quality and standards are achieved. Due to the strict adherence to wash and drying cycles and procedures as indicated above, it has been confirmed that - not only are textile hygiene and quality standards improved - but users can expect to achieve extended fabric life. 

To be noted: We provide both Thermal and Chemical disinfection as well as neutralising to correct PH Levels on all textiles.

Please Contact our Public Relations Officer should you need any additional information herein.